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Ophthalmology Emphasizing Corneal and Refractive Issues

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This site is intended to be a resource for research and publications in corneal diseases, surgery and refractive technologies. Astigmatism , one of my enduring interests is presented in the context of cornea transplant, cataract surgery, LASIK and in disease entities such as keratoconus and pterigium. Simple techniques to treat astigmatism are described such as corneal relaxing incisions, wedge and trauma.

Lectures and Photographs

New Views of a changing Landscape

Techniques and diseases of the eye are often presented both in print and in lectures. To obtain a complete view try both the lectures and the printed page. Click on the picture for more examples.

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> Transconjunctival Corneoscleral Tunnel "Blue Line"    Cataract Incision

>Clear Lens Exchange for Hyperopia  

> Reoperations after Myopic Laser in Situ Keratomileusis

> Compression Sutures and Penetrating Corneal Trauma

> Corneal transplant for keratoconus: Results in early and    late disease

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The Slip Knot

The slipknot is an essential skill for any operation that involves sutures. It holds against pressure and results in a knot that is easier to bury. This is the knot taught each year at the AAO wet lab.

The Blue Line Cataract Incision

The blue line incision is a single pass method of producing a scleral tunnel incision. The resulting incision is stronger, heals faster and is easier to close than a corneal incision.

Unusual IOL’s

In the late 1970’s and 1980’s a variety of unusual intraocular lenses were implanted. Eventually many of them caused bullous keratopathy and were explanted by Dr Buzard and are on view here.

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Refractive PK

Want to know how to perform a corneal transplant? Look at this lecture to find step-by step instructions for the torque-antitorque suture pattern as well as enhancement options after surgery.

Clear Lens Exchange

Slit Lamp Astigmatic Surgery

Scleral Band for Incision Closure

Corneal Dystrophies

Photoelasticity of the Human Cornea

Wavefront Analysis

Principles of Refractive Surgery

Refractive Phacoemulsification

Changing the Way We See: An Age of Miracles

Cataract Surgery Following Refractive Surgery

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