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Ophthalmology Emphasizing Corneal and Refractive Issues

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Corneal Techniques

Torque-Antitorque Suture Technique

The choice of suture technique is often the difference between a stable corneal transplant with low astigmatism and a graft with poor vision and unstable, irregular astigmatism.


Repair the Microdehiscence

During the “sutures-in” postop period, care must be taken to ensure corneal stability with additional sutures rather than using the premature removal of sutures to control astigmatism.


Troutman Relaxing Incisions and Wedge Resection

The ability to control regular and irregular astigmatism after cornea transplant is an essential skill to the process of vision restoration.


The Slip Knot

The slip knot in it’s variations is one of the most valuable skills for the surgeon. It holds under pressure, does not tighten or loosen with additional throws and results in a smaller knot which is easier to bury.


Cataract & Refractive Techniques

The Blue Line Cataract Incision

The Blue Line incision incorporates the speed and ease of creation with the safety and strength of a scleral tunnel incision.


Slit Lamp Relaxing Incisions

The ability to create and modify astigmatic relaxing incisions at the slit lamp allows for the actual correction of the majority of astigmatism and with the C-procedure allows corrections up to 5-6 diopters.


“Touch and Go” A-Scan Technique

Even though interferometry provides accurate axial length results in many cases it is often inaccurate in mature and posterior subcapsular cataracts. This an alternative to immersion techniques.


Canrobert “C” Procedure

In the occasional case in which the patient has a significant astigmatic error, this procedure allows corrections of up to 6 diopters with incisions.


Lifting a LASIK Flap

Lifting a LASIK flap for enhancement or to clear epithelial ingrowth can be simplified with this technique.